Cross words for the right reasons, avoiding the tar Schnapps.
Friday, December 27, 2013 at 7:07PM
Lorraine in Nevertoolate girl, never to late list

I have been collecting cross words over the last few weeks ready to take with me down to the house party on the east coast over New Year.  Having been a recent discoverer of the draw of the cross word (or word cross at it was originally termed) I aim to keep my fellow cruciverbalists occupied in the time between drinks at the local pub, the New Year’s supper party and a long walk on the beach, ending up, we think, at Holkham for lunch on New Year’s Day.   The cryptic and supercryptic crosswords will be for the ace solvers only.  It will be my task at that point to volunteer to make the tea.

It’s been a busy Christmas with invitations to suppers and parties and a chance to spend time with good friends and new acquaintances.  As I sit here planning my own New Year Drinks and Open House I can’t imagine where I will fit everyone in.  But invitations accepted should (for those with good manners at least) be returned and I only hope the weather will be dry and people can spill out into the garden where they can huddle in a tight circle around the garden heaters.   I may have to borrow a gazebo or two.

Twenty fourteen looms.  This time last year I was up at the Arctic Circle in Finland on a wilderness training week.  This year’s New Year’s Eve will be distinctly more glitzy.  It’ll be less fleece base layer and shots of tar Schnapps and more satin and lace and flutes of champagne.  

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