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Welcome to the blog of the NeverTooLate Girl.

With the aim to try out, write about and rate the things that people say they'd like to do but haven't quite gotten around to, this website gives you the real and often humourous inside gen on whether it's really worth it.

Read about it,think about it, do it.

 The Top 20 Never Too Late List

  1. Learn to fly - RATED 4/5.
  2. Learn to shoot - RATED 4/5.
  3. Have a personal shopper day.
  4. Attend carols at Kings College Chapel on Christmas Eve - RATED 2.5/5.
  5. Have a date with a toy boy.
  6. Do a sky dive.
  7. Eat at The Ivy - RATED 4/5.
  8. Drive a Lamborgini.
  9. Climb a mountain - CURRENT CHALLENGE.
  10. Have a spa break - RATED 4.5/5.
  11. See the Northern Lights.
  12. Get a detox RATED 4/5.
  13. Read War & Peace - RATED 1/5.
  14. Go on a demonstration for something you believe in.
  15. Attend a Premier in Leicester Square.
  16. Go to Royal Ascot.
  17. Buy a Harley Davidson - RATED 5/5
  18. Study for a PhD - RATED 4/5.
  19. Visit Cuba - RATED 4/5.
  20. Be a medical volunteer overseas - RATED 3/5. 



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Winning the yes vote; hitting a landmark; and Cambridge in my sights

The inaugural Ashley debate supper went well with fourteen attendees and the ‘for’ Scottish independence winning on the quality of argument though not winning on the subjective, more emotive vote.  The next debate is scheduled for the end of April with the topic ‘University education – a right or a privilege’ to be tabled.  Lots of good stories being told about the evening and we are already up to twenty people for the next event.  It’s nice to be reminded how much fun, and how inclusive, debating can be.

On the rowing side I’ve made the move from beginner to improver and can be found ploughing up and down the rowing lake in a single skull, mostly staying upright.  80% confident, 20% nervous and 10% terrified about sums up the state of mind when I am out on the water.  There is really good support at Peterborough City Rowing Club – plenty of coaches, supplementary off-the-water training and personalised development programmes based on rowing ambition and motivation.  This Saturday was landmark day – I boarded a single skull on my own and when I had finished my 6k I got the scull out of the water and onto the trestles all by myself.  At club night in two Wednesday’s time I have offered to cook the member’s supper – my way of saying thank-you for the friendly welcome at the club and all the new friends I have made.

The Harley is on the road for the summer.  It’s a dream to cruise along the quiet country roads near where I live and to meet up with other biking chums for trips out. My first Harley rally is in the diary – a ‘ride- out’ and social event being held in Market Harborough at the end of April.  Need to find some time to shine up that chrome.

And lastly, Bill Bryson is being interviewed by Prof. Jim Al-Khalili at the Royal Society in London in a couple of weeks.  The train ticket is booked, lots of music downloaded onto the iphone to listen to while we queue and a nice post-lecture supper venue awaits.

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